Timur Brachkow, Software Engineer based in Poland

I’m a Poland-based, Software Engineer with more than 6 years of working experience. My сore competencies are Frontend and Design Engineering, but I also do a lot of serverless backend stuff for my pet projects.

I see myself as a good fit for startups and small teams, that do a lot with less.


I have commercial experience with many other technologies, for example, React, Webpack, Nuxt, Next.js, etc. I can quickly get into any frontend stack you want.

I speak English and Russian. I don’t know Polish.

Working experience

Frontend Engineer at «Fedya and Samat» (June 2022 → Now)

«Fedya and Samat» is a tiny outsourcing company that helps startups, media, and big corporations build and launch new products. We follow the principles of fully remote and async work. We also have a horizontal company structure so everyone works directly with business owners and takes part in project planning, brainstorming new features, etc.

Founding Frontend Engineer at Beau, February 2021 → July 2022

Beau is a YC startup where I was a founding front-end engineer. This was a startup about automation of multi-step paperwork (for example, visa application) that provided form builder focused on solving such tasks.

Freelance, April 2018 → August 2021

As a freelance frontend engineer, I worked on many projects, mostly in the spheres of iGaming and Healthcare. Apart from making interfaces in Vue, I was responsible for performance optimizations, and rewriting huge legacy codebases into maintainable state.