Timur Brachkow

How to make Firefox sane and private

Nowadays Firefox is the only good browser.

Apple ruined Safari by moving extensions into AppStore’s walled garden, the company behind Brave has a reputation for questionable decisions, and all other browsers are just Chrome (spyware).

Being non-chrome and non-apple comes with a price — Firefox is kinda quirky, and you still have some work to do for more privacy.

Here are my instructions for sane and private Firefox.


Enter about:config in the search bar. Through the search, find the necessary settings and set the desired values. Here’s what needs to be changed and why:

Extensions for better privacy

Separate bookmarks and passwords from the browser

Switching from one browser to another is a good time to realize that storing passwords and bookmarks in a browser is a bad idea. Upon logging in, Firefox will try to offer its synchronization service — I recommend refusing it.

Next, you need to turn off password saving. To do this, go to Preferences → Privacy and Security → Logins and Passwords.

For bookmark synchronization, I recommend Raindrop.io, and for passwords, Bitwarden. Both are decent, free of charge, and work on all devices and browsers.